23 October 2007

Protected By Stickers, Please Stand Back

Are you looking for a new gimmick present to ensure you keep your Tenax-built, beautiful, custom, fixed-gear conversion safe against Chicago bicycle thieves? Well, look no further than the small bit of effort Dominic Wilcox has done to improve the living conditions for your prized piece of art. Although we haven't tried this extremely useless idea, we can recommend that Dominic add a line of faux Walmart stickers that can be placed on the bottom of the seat tube to ensure any would-be thief knows your $400 conversion purchased off of a rent-needy hipster in Wicker Park amounts to no more than a $50 Magna.


Anonymous said...

You suck at writting. Please stop.

Anonymous said...

Fitting actually:

You're trying to steal from BSNYC's success and the guy who made these ignorant stickers sells his tee-shirts from a company trying to horn in on CafePress.

Way to go! It's the perfect compliment.

Okay, fess up. The guy with the rust decals is your PBR drinking buddy, right?

Anonymous said...